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    I have a dog, it is lovely, it is called Mimi. Every time I go home from school, Mimi always cruising around me, I will go to the kitchen to get a piece of meat to it, it lay on the floor to eat. My legs and then jump to bark "Wang "called, so I picked up Mimi, it is the opportunity to lick my hand, making me laugh.

    I like Mimi, like puppies.




    Dogs belong to the canine.

    When a dog follows its nose,it's actually being led by thee key senses.Sight:a glimpse of the enemy saves them barking up the wrong tree.Sound:a bark can be a fierce threat,but it's also how canines make their long distance calls.Smell:this tells a dog more than all the other senses put together.

    Inside its nose are around two hundred million smell sensitive cells,forty times more than in humans.Through them the dog's brain can pick up signals from one molecule of scent in a million.It gives the dog:a completely different picture of the world,based on what it smells,rather than what it sees.

    Flowers are irrelevant to a dog.So their scent is meaningless.But food is a serious matter.What to us is an empty plate,is covered with the smell of chicken to a hungry dog.






    A tiger is a kind of catamount animal.It looks like a cat,but much bigger than a cat.A tiger is very ferocious and it eats mainly meat.It has yellow and black streaks all over its body and it looks very beautiful.Its tail is long and strong and it can hit its quarry dying.

    Tigers live in the thick forests and small animals in the forests are tigers' food.

    During the past years,many forests have been cut down and the living conditions of the tigers are becoming worse and worse.There are fewer tigers left in the world now.Tigers are the animals of the world,and they should have their own living spaces.We must do our best to protect the tigers and their living environment.




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