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    描写人物精选英语作文英语作文:My Mother's Birthday

    The sixth of August was my mother's birthday. My father and I wanted to give her surprising birthday presents.On their mothers'birthday,I know some of my classmates are going to help their mothers with housework;others are going to the shop and buy some flowers for their mothers.

    In the morning, my father and I went shopping and bought a very nice cake.Then we went to the market and bought some food.When we got home,my father cooked some nice food in the kitchen.I went to my room to make a birthday card.I wanted to say to my mother that I loved her very much.Then I wrote in the card,"I love you,my dear mother!"I put it on her pillow,then we cleaned the room.We felt very tired,but we were very happy.

    My mother got home.We said,"Happy Birthday!"My mother smiled.We had our supper together.My mother said,"Thank you, my daughter!"

    How happy we were!英语作文:My Geography Teacher

    When I was in high school, there was a teacher who taught me more than that in class.He was a very kind boy, 4 or 5 years older than us and taught us geography. We all liked to take his class, though geography was not our major course.What impressed me a lot was his grace.You could see him always smiling.He got angry only when we were too noisy in class.After class,he often played soccer with us.He used to be a very believable defender and never fouled on any of us.We all liked to call him "Teacher Miao" and he was just like a friend, not a teacher.His sonsy personality inspired me to be kind to everyone I met.That was my well-beloved "Teacher Miao" .英语作文:My English Teacher

    Of all the teachers, I love my English teacher best. He is a very good teacher and about thirty years old. We all call him Mr Chu. He is not tall but a little fat. He is a man with a good sense of humour and always friendly to us. We all like him and his lesson. In his class, we feel very happy. He always makes his English lesson interesting. We know English is rather difficult to learn but in his class, we feel English is very easy, and also very interesting.

    He often shows us how to learn English well. He asks us to listen, to read, to say and to write. After class, we always talk with him in English. He even lends English books to us. If we have difficulty in understanding, we can go and ask him. He is always happy to help us.

    He not only cares for our study, but also for our life. One day, one of my classmates, Li Tong had a bad cold. He took her to see a doctor, and got some medicine for her. Then he sent her home. When Li Tong stayed at home, Mr Chu went to her home and helped her with her lessons. Several days later, she was able to go back to school.

    This is my English teacher. What do you think of him?英语作文:My Little Cousin

    My little cousin is only ten, but he knows more than any students in his grade.

    He likes computer games and he is crazy about music. When he is free, he always listens to music. He likes many kinds of music, like country music, pop music, jazz and classical music.

    He hates noise, when it is very noisy, he will be very angry and shout until people become quiet. So of course, he doesn&rsquo;t like public places.

    One day, I went shopping with him. On our way we saw a beggar. He thought the beggar was a drunk, and he wanted to tell him not to drink too much wine. But I told him that he was a beggar, he is very poor. To my surprise, he came in front of the beggar and gave him $5. Isn&rsquo;t he kind?

    He is like his father. They are both very kind and friendly, and a little funny. They both have big eyes and little mouth. Although he is ten, his room is full of toy planes and toy buses.

    This is my little cousin. Is he lovely?英语作文:My Mother

    My Mother isa kind and gentle woman. She is always very gentle. She takes good care of her children and keeps them all at school. I have one brother and two sistets. So she gets four children in all. She gives us every comfort. We all love her and she loves us also.

    My mother has too much to do in bringing us up. As our family is too poor to keep a servant, my mother has always to do very much work. She gets up very early and sleeps very late every day. She works hard, yet without complaining.

    She is also a thrifty, and industrious woman. She saves every cent that she can and keeps everything in order. As she has been busy eversince she was young, she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled, her hair becomes silver white, but she works as hard as ever.

    Often she says to us, "work while you work, play while you play. If you do not work, you will become lazy and of no use to society." What piece of good advice this is! We must worth it well and always keep it in our mind.

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