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    Nowadays,with more and more serious problems such as the increasing global temperture,the melting ice and the rising sea-levering,people are recognizing the important of developing the low-carbon economic now.

    There are many ways we can do to reach the loe-carbon economic.Fristly,discovering others fuels which is more clean and more green to instead of the using of carbon.Secondly, we should have the save-energy conscious and do something which we can make,for instance,using the bus ranther than car when you go out,re-use the thing that can be recycle used,reducing the use of plastic bags.Last but not least,we should plant more trees or other greenplants,in which way we can not only improve the environment,but also can make our home more beauty.

    In my opnion, the most important thing to reach the low-carbon economic is everyone must try their best do what they can do for it.Once everyone have the sence of low-carbon economic and have the action by themselves ,it will be earlier to reach it.

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