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    Cheating in Exams

    Cheating in exams is nothing strange now.Students cheat in various examinations.As long as there have been examination rules,there have been people intent to breaking them.Some even say that if you don't cheat,you will feel like a chump.

    Exams are an important method of measuring one's achievement and test what one has learned.It should be fair.If students gets high marks through cheating,such as getting answers via text message,it's unfair to the student who take the exams through their own efforts.And at the same time,the examination loses its original meaning.What's more,cheating will make people become lazy,as it gives students an opinion that they can still get good grades without working hard.They can even have better results by cheating.

    We must curb exam cheating as it has so many bad effects.First,schools should emphasize moral education and forbid students' taking cellphones or other tools which can be used for cheating into exam rooms.Second,whoever iscaught cheating in exams must be punishedseverely.Moreover,students should supervise each other during exam time.Only when all these measures go into action can the problem of cheating in exams be solved in near future.




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